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SoftGloss Mini-Express With Wheel and Tire Add-Ons
Technical Requirements Standard Metric  Standard Metric
Tunnel length 35′ 10,668 mm 35′  10,668 mm
Tunnel width 15′ 4,572 mm 15′  4,572 mm
Tunnel height 12′ 3,658 mm 12′  3,658 mm
SoftGloss Mini-Express With Wheel and Tire Add-Ons
Electrical 208 V 200 AMP 460 V 100 AMP
Water 85.1 GPM · 322.1 L/min 105 GPM · 397.5 L/min
Air 8 CFM · 226.5 L/min
90 PSI Min-6 BAR
10 CFM · 283 L/min
90 PSI Min-6 BAR

The Ideal Retrofit Solution for Auto Dealers, Fleets and C-Stores

If you’ve got 35 feet of bay space and an underperforming in-bay automatic car wash, we’ve got what you need to make the switch to a profit-producing mini-tunnel car wash. Ryko’s SoftGloss Mini-Tunnel puts the industry’s best mini-tunnel retrofit solution into the smallest space, setting you up to potentially triple your vehicle throughput.

It Pays to Convert

  • Easy conversion for slow-moving, in-bay automatics requires just 35 feet (including conveyor track)
  • Compete with the upsurge in express tunnels in your market
  • Triple your throughput to as many as 50 cars per hour
  • Pump up your profits with wheel and tire add-ons
  • Cut installation costs with minimal downtime and little or no site changes
  • Save even more through reduced water and chemical usage
  • 35-feet express conveyor
  • Air panel
  • Correlator – MacNeil RC120
  • Express arches
  • Motor control center (MCC)
  • Pumping station
  • Top-side combo wash
  • Water panel
  • Express arches
  • Tire scrubber
  • Tire shiner
  • Spot-free water conditioners
  • High-pressure wheel cleaner